Now that I’ve stopped weeping like child at a funeral, I believe I can review this one as well as speculate on the future of Stephen King’s career. Let’s do this.

To the surprise of some, I was a huge fan of Mr. Mercedes. The book was fresh, a nice change of direction, and it showed King’s love for the craft. Trying something so different so late in life must have been scary fun. Finders Keepers was pretty good, too, but I thought it occasionally missed the mark. With End of Watch, I feel the series as a whole is a must-read experience, as each book compliments the next. This final novel in the Bill Hodges trilogy is my favorite of the bunch, but I don’t think that would’ve been the case without the other two books. While I gave Mr. Mercedes five stars and Finders Keepers four, I would give this final book, and the series as a whole, a perfect score.

51w8NUD71fL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_But I cannot help but think that Revival is the final standalone King book we will receive. For a detailed list of the evidence I have to back up this claim (all speculation, mind you, but nonetheless thought provoking), please see the Spoiler Discussion section at the end of this review. I feel that we have one more King novel to look forward to, though: the final Jack Sawyer novel, which was, according to both Peter Straub and King himself, started in 2005. I’m going to hazard a guess and say that book is done and awaiting publication. These are just theories folks. No one would be happier than I to find years’ worth of King books still to come.

Here’s some points that I really enjoyed, without giving away any major spoilers! I actually came to like Det. Ret. Kermit William Hodges. It only took three books, but I did eventually come to like him. I’m sure that now, if I were to reread them, I would more than likely enjoy his presence in the previous novels more the second time around. Holly is not only one of my favorite characters in this series, but one of my favorite characters ever to grace the pages of a book. And I mean any book. Theme. This book is heavy on theme: friendship, loss, a well-lived life, and the difference between letting go and giving up.


In summary: a fantastic ending to a great trilogy whose sum is greater than its parts. As cliched as it is, I laughed, I cried, and I didn’t want it to end. My only regret is that I read it so damn fast. Now what am I supposed to do?

Welcome back! Today we will be talking about the book Essentialism by Greg Mckeown. This is a great book for all of you entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs out there that are just like me. I can have plenty of activities to do, no time to do them, and for some reason, at the end of the day feel like I’ve gone nowhereessentialism1 and gotten nothing accomplished. This is especially aggravating during the early stages of any business.

I always feel like I have 300 more things to do than I even have time for, and when I do get into certain activities, I end up going down rabbit holes that lead to me doing more things that may be cool and get something done. These things also certainly don’t matter to my business and definitely won’t help me grow my business. A good friend of mine is a Landscape Designer, and he said he runs into problems with his to do list all of the time as well. He is the one that introduced me to the book we are speaking about today. In this book, Mckeown defines the Essentialist’s attitude as doing less, but better. This is easily said, but harder to do. There are some odd things to being an essentialist that you wouldn’t think goes into it. As and example, an essentialist actually spends more time making a decision, which sounds counter-intuitive I know, but just listen why.

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So, in this post we’re going to keep along the path we started with incredible must read books for entrepreneurs. This next book will literally make you feel like you can run through a wall, rule the world, or pretty much accomplish anything else you would like to do in this world. It also opens your eyes to the amount of effort it takes to make it to the top 1%. If you want to put in that much work is entirely up to you, but you’ll feel like a bum if you don’t after reading this book!

The only way to “read” this book is on Audible, it’s way better that way because the author actually reads the book and he goes off on tangents that are not in the written version. My main man Grant Cardone is one of my biggest influences for starting this site and living life on my own terms. This dude works harder than any person on the planet and just so happens to have the bank account to back it up! The name of his specific book referred to in this post is The 10X Rule.

The 10X RuleThis guy is the epitome of leading by example. You will read this book and be so fired up to get on the phone, or get out there and start selling! Just make sure not to lose that fire. One of the tough things for me is that I love living life! This book lays everything you need to be a millionaire out on the table for you. In it’s most basic sense: work 10 times harder than anyone else would ever think about doing. This was an incredibly inspiring book, but after attempting to live by the 10X rule for a week you will be exhausted! You definitely need to make a conscious choice to outwork everyone in the room if you want to be a millionaire. I had multiple reasons for starting my own business, including not wanting to work for anyone, and limitless income potential, but one of the main reasons for going into business for myself was to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

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Howdy loyal followers of NMPEDS! Welcome to the new site, here’s a great example of what I like to talk about: Things that will help my incredible followers better themselves in their personal and business ventures.

My first post will be about an incredible book that I listened to on audible and it actually helped me keep my wheels a turning for a 25-hour drive from Albuquerque, New Mexico all the way to Pensacola, Florida in one shot! I highly recommend not ever doing something as stupid as that, but that’s beside the point.

Pitch-anything bookThis book along with a couple of other podcasts kept me going for over 24 hours, which is pretty impressive. I liked it so much that I went and bought the paperback version of it, and have since listened to it AGAIN! If you would like to purchase the book you can click here to find the cheapest version. If you are anything like me, once your wheels get to turning there’s no stopping them, especially at night. I have had many sleepless nights because I just couldn’t turn my brain off. Hopefully, there are others out there like me and I’m not just some freak! Anyway, here is the book I’ve been talking all about:

The name of the book is “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff. This thing will change the way you will think about sales and doing business in general. The first time I listened to this I knew it was a game changer. I almost didn’t want to write this post about it because I don’t want everyone to know about it!

Pitch Anything is all about the neurological elements of selling. It is explained in a way that you can take it and make face to face selling a game, and that is always fun. The author talks all about how he and his friends use “framing” and other tools you will read about in this book to excel at selling to multimillion-dollar venture capital firms (see video below). I haven’t personally pitched anything to a venture capital firm, but it seems like their job is basically to listen to sales pitches and make it hell for the person giving the pitch. The great thing about this book is that he uses tools like the one in the video to sell these outrageous high dollar pitches, but Klaff breaks it down in a way that you or I would easily be able to use it to sell to any Joe Schmo business owner, or whoever your client is.

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