What does that even mean? 

Welcome back my loyal followers! In this post we will explore a short book I read recently that was actually directed towards College Graduates getting their dream job. This was a quick read and turned out to be a great little book with a lot of real world applications for freelancers and entrepreneurs just getting started. This book was not some novel new groundbreaking idea, it’s a simple twist on an old idea of doing work for free. I am of the belief that if you’re good at something, no matter what it is, you should never do it for free. That being said, if you don’t have work lined up, and you don’t want to be prospecting all day every day to change that, doing a little work for free is a great way to get your foot in the door with many businesses and get a client to know and trust you for possible future work.

So, if you’re just starting out with a new business, how do you find people that will want to work with you? You don’t have any proof of your work, and you don’t have any proof that you even know what you are doing. How can you possibly get over this hurdle? Well, there’s two ways:Recession Proof Graduate

  1. Be a great sales person and prospect your ass off until you get someone to say yes, then wow them with unbelievable work ethic and incredible results for what they’re paying you.
  2. Tell them you will do a couple of projects that you specialize in for free. This is a long-term play, but it can end up paying off bigger, sooner.

Option 1

If you choose option 1, good for you, you’ll probably go far because you’re not afraid to get down in the dirt and make things happen. Grant Cardone would be very proud of those that choose option 1. It’s going to be harder up front, and you may not get paid what you’re worth from your clients at first, especially if they know how early on you are in your business venture. Either way, they’ll come around eventually, but if not, you’re leveraging their work to find other clients anyway so keep on keeping on and drop them if you have to.

Option 2

If you choose option 2, also good for you, you may have just chosen to work smarter, not harder, which can help you go significantly farther in the future. Gary Vaynerchuk would be very proud, we’ll explore him in later posts if you don’t already know who he is.

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Hola my loyal blog super fans! Keeping in line with the entrepreneurial adventure, here is a quick little bit about one of the most powerful podcasts for entrepreneurs out there today! Remember the 25 hour drive I mentioned in my post, Pitch Anything?

Well, this is the other reason I was able to keep my brain working so fast and hard that I was able to drive 3/4 across the country in one fowl swoop! This is a podcast that will keep the wheels a churning in that dome of yours whether you are an entrepreneur or a “wantrepreneur!” The podcast is called Entrepreneur on Fire, and it’s a great listen if you have a few minutes per day. They put a new cast out seven days a week, so you will never run out of great content.

The host has a funny little squeaky voice, but that only adds to the cast as he is incredibly knowledgeable about all things entrepreneurial. The greatest part of this whole podcast is how completely open they are about everything. If you visit their site you will even be able to see exactly what their monthly revenue is. Check out this awesome video about how John Lee got to where he did:

They even have a monthly cast where they actually go over their earnings and expense reports, so you can see exactly what it takes to start a podcasting business. Like any great company they totally dominated the podcasting space and then moved on to teach people how to do what they are doing in their newer branch of the business: Podcaster’s Paradise. I was turned on to this podcast by a good friend and mentor, Craig, he has a pool cleaning company, and all around incredible entrepreneur. It was one of the best things that he could have ever turned me on to. Keep reading and I’ll tell you a little more of what to expect from this podcast.

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