florida-life What’s up glorious readers of my beautiful blog, my name is George and I’m a blogging genius from Florida. I hang my hat in Florida, but my travels have taken me all over the world. I love to come back to the good ol FL as much as possible because it is most certainly where I call home.

You may be asking yourselves what in the crap is NMPEDS? Well, I’m here to explain. NMPEDS stands for New Market People’s Services. New question: What the crap does that mean!? Simple, it’s a blog all about the service industry around me, and the businesses in it. In this blog I talk all about different types of service industries, the businesses in each industry that I have worked with personally, and how they came about. Oh, and I love to talk about who’s the best at what they do, so get ready to hear some praise as well as some degrading comments if I don’t like them. I am not a fan of bad customer service so I will be sure to let you know where NOT to go as well as where TO go!

I like to keep things random so don’t expect this to be in any particular location, or in any specific order. Most of the time I will refer to service industry professionals, but I will also talk about some great people that I meet through my blogging journeys and travel. In fact, this blog could end up being the most random collection of articles this side of the Mississippi! It will be set up just for you to read and think that it’s a spectacular source of awesome sauce, and that’s because it will be.


Any time you come across the businesses I reference in my articles you will see that they are pretty much all a big old bag of incredible, so hang on to your panties, and let’s go for a ride.


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