“Pitch Anything”: The Sales Game Changer

Howdy loyal followers of NMPEDS! Welcome to the new site, here’s a great example of what I like to talk about: Things that will help my incredible followers better themselves in their personal and business ventures.

My first post will be about an incredible book that I listened to on audible and it actually helped me keep my wheels a turning for a 25-hour drive from Albuquerque, New Mexico all the way to Pensacola, Florida in one shot! I highly recommend not ever doing something as stupid as that, but that’s beside the point.

Pitch-anything bookThis book along with a couple of other podcasts kept me going for over 24 hours, which is pretty impressive. I liked it so much that I went and bought the paperback version of it, and have since listened to it AGAIN! If you would like to purchase the book you can click here to find the cheapest version. If you are anything like me, once your wheels get to turning there’s no stopping them, especially at night. I have had many sleepless nights because I just couldn’t turn my brain off. Hopefully, there are others out there like me and I’m not just some freak! Anyway, here is the book I’ve been talking all about:

The name of the book is “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff. This thing will change the way you will think about sales and doing business in general. The first time I listened to this I knew it was a game changer. I almost didn’t want to write this post about it because I don’t want everyone to know about it!

Pitch Anything is all about the neurological elements of selling. It is explained in a way that you can take it and make face to face selling a game, and that is always fun. The author talks all about how he and his friends use “framing” and other tools you will read about in this book to excel at selling to multimillion-dollar venture capital firms (see video below). I haven’t personally pitched anything to a venture capital firm, but it seems like their job is basically to listen to sales pitches and make it hell for the person giving the pitch. The great thing about this book is that he uses tools like the one in the video to sell these outrageous high dollar pitches, but Klaff breaks it down in a way that you or I would easily be able to use it to sell to any Joe Schmo business owner, or whoever your client is.

     Here’s a great list of what you can expect from reading or listening to this book:

  • Basic understanding of human psychology
  • In-depth understanding of human psychology
  • Increased confidence through knowledge of other people’s mindsets
  • Change the way you think about sales
  • What you’ve been doing wrong with your sales pitches all this time
  • How to create an incredible sales pitch
    • Element of a pitch
    • What the person you are pitching to is actually hearing
    • How to tweak your pitch to be sure they are hearing what you are saying
  • Better overall understanding of the business mind

This book is perfect for you if you are a sales person, but it may be even better for those that are not sales people. Entrepreneurs could benefit from this book just as much, if not more than professional sales people. At the beginning of most people’s entrepreneurial careers there seems to be a common factor: a large majority are not a fan of selling. This book makes it a lot easier. When you go into a pitch prepared to speak to people’s most primitive brain, knowing that they have no idea that you know what you’re doing down to the chemical reactions in their brain it gives you a feeling of invincibility.

You will not be disappointed with the purchase of this book, unless of course  you were looking for a children’s book. If you’re looking for something to help take your sales and or business mentality to the next level this is a great read (or listen), but either way I would suggest purchasing the paperback version because you are going to want to highlight and go back to reference this book, and you’re going to want to do it often.



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